Remember when it mattered who was number one in the pop charts ? Now it barely takes selling 50 copies to reach the top BUT you can still emulate that feeling from being high up in Googles listings.

The complex and often baffling world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) causes more headaches than the Lupus Creative Christmas party. With so much emphasis on gaining high rankings in search engines, well Google primarily, the task is often handed over to companies happy to baffle you with terminology to make you believe it is an impossible task to do in-house. Of course not everyone has the time or resources to undertake this themselves and specialists will know more than you in certain areas BUT there is so much that can be done in the initial creation process and moving forward that will get you a much better chance of obtaining the exposure that is so crucial to running a successful enterprise.

In our opinion, for most companies, it is of greater importance to show up organically rather than to appear through paid advertising (Pay per Click for example) and we take great care in ensuring that when we are creating your site the relevant steps are taken to enhance your chances of a high ranking.

  • Internal Links
  • Correctly tagged images & captionsMore
  • more
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With the removal of keywords being used in listing algorithms content is now king although on its own not enough.

Figures according to comScore shows that mobile has surpassed desktop in digital media time spent by device, and now accounts for 60% of time spent. A whopping increase of 50% within a year and this trend is not going to start decreasing any time soon and highly likely to be NEVER.

All these issues will be discussed in the future and some already have so come back, dip in and out, and find out what you can be doing to the to the top of the list.